music and sonority
find their way into the secret
places of the soul


mixing. mastering. postproduction.

Sonority Lab is the dedicated mixing & mastering studio in Dresden. Based at Audiosteps, the recording studio is located in a villa overlooking Albrechtsberg Palace, and offers a balanced relaxed atmosphere.

The studio is equipped with analog treasures and state-of-the-art digital components. The know-how of the two audio engineers Christian and André counts over a decade and a number of national as well as international chart successes.

System: macOS | MOTU 828 ES AVB | Antelope PURE 2

Monitoring: SPL Phonitor 2 + Monitor Extension | PSI Audio A25-m | HEDD Type 30 MKII | KS Digital C88

Outboard: SPL Iron Mastering Compressor | Tube-Tech HLT 2A | A-Designs Hammer HM2-EQ | A-Designs Nail Compressor | Solid State Logic Fusion | Tube-Tech CL 1B | elysia xpressor | Roger Schulter TiltBaxxEQ W2393 | SPL BIG | Sontec MEP-250 AC

Preamps: Roger Schult Amp4Ribbon V2359j | Drawmer MX60 | TritonAudio FetHead

Microphones: Schoeps V4 U | United UT FET47 | Shure SM 7 B | Soyuz 023 Bomblet

Cabling: Van Damme Cable | Van Damme Purple Patch Crossbar | Black Lion Audio PBR Patchbay

Instruments: Roland TR-8 | Waldorf blofeld

Acoustics: GIK Acoustics | DIY

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