Mixdown service

Mixdown (mixing & mixing) in a mixing studio is the step after recording and arranging. Mixing your songs is about adjusting the volume of your tracks, creating spaciousness, fixing deficits, and making sure that the individual instruments and vocals harmonize together to create a song. Our years of experience in most genres, the passion for music, high-quality software and hardware in acoustically optimized recording studios ensure that your songs mixed by us sound on the music market! Not to be confused with mastering, mixdown edits all the individual tracks of the song, while mastering edits only the final stereo mix.

– Definition, spaciousness and balance of your songs!


Get your songs professionally mixed. Our two engineers André Masterati and Christian Nellens each offer 10 years of experience in all genres like pop, hip hop, rock, metal, house, EDM and Schlager.


Film sound mixes in EBU R128, ATSC A/85 and Netflix Ready for series, feature films, commercials, documentaries, podcasts, creator content and audiobooks.


Your song still needs to be edited? No problem. We do the cutting, cleaning and alignment for you.


With Auto-Tune and Melodyne, we make skilled pitch corrections for vocals and instruments or provide the modern Auto-Tune effect in Hip Hop, Trap and EDM productions.

Contact us for an initial consultation about your project

Each project is individual. Therefore, it is important for us to learn more about your project and to exchange ideas in person before we start working together on your music production, audio mixing or mastering.